Product based questions

Q: Why can’t I buy everything on the EU Store that is on the UK Store?

A: We are currently only stocking our Limited Editions, Special Editions and associated Merchandise for newly announced Pre-Orders.

Previously announced Pre-Orders will remain on our UK store as well as all Standard/ Deluxe Editions.

Q: Where Will My Order Ship From?

A: All new orders placed with the EU Store will ship from our new warehouse in Hungary.

Q: Are all products EU copies, or do you sell US/ other region versions of products?

A: You can choose the language of the game sleeve on the product page, this may affect whether it’s PEGI rated, USK rated or ACB rated.

Q: Can I order an English version on the Europe site?

A: Some titles are available with different language game sleeves, please see the product page for further information.

Q: Are your games region free, and will they work on any region of console?

A: As current consoles are now region free, all products will work on any region machine.Customers should note that if there is any DLC (download content) this is region locked, and you should ensure that you have the same game region game cartridge/ disc as your console to ensure compatibility.

Q: I ordered another product along with my pre-order. Willl I recieve this product before my pre-order releases/ships?

A. All orders are shipped out together once all of the items ordered are available to be shipped. That means that any item you order with your pre-order will be reserbed for you and shipped out once your pre-order is available. If you would like to recieve the non pre-order items as soon as possible, we ask that you palce those items in a seperate order.


Q: Will I only pay local taxes?/ are all taxes paid alongside shipping when placing an order?

A: You will pay all applicable taxes at the time of purchase, there should be no further fees applicable.


Q: Will payment be taken automatically after placing an order?

A: Yes, full payment will be taken as soon as checkout is complete.


Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay by inputting your card details as normal, regrettably at this time we cannot support other payment methods.



Q: How long will shipping take?

A: Shipping should take 2 to 5 working days depending on which country you’re in. This timeframe is not guaranteed and is expected to extend in busy periods.

Q: Which couriers do you use, and how will I know who is delivering my order before shipment arrives?

A: We are currently shipping with DPD, you will receive an order confirmation that will provide your courier (DPD) and the tracking information.


Q: How will I return an item if it’s damaged?

A: Please reach out to us at support@nisaeurope.com before returning your order.

Your return will ship to:

Reef Entertainment Kft




Q: I’ve already placed an order with the UK Store what happens now?

A: If you have already placed an order, your order will ship from the UK Store. All future orders placed through our EU Store will ship from our new warehouse in Hungary.

Q: Can I still order through the UK if I want?

A: All EU countries should place their order through the EU store as this will streamline the delivery of your order as tax is taken upfront. Should you wish you can still order through the UK store.

Q: Do I need to create a new account if I already have a UK/ EU Store account?

A: Yes, unfortunately we cannot copy over your account to the new website.

Q: What about the Rewards Points I have collected on the UK Store?

A: Once you have created a new account, email our support team support@nisaeurope.com with your account details to have your points transferred.

Q: Who do I contact for support now?

A: At present our team based in the UK will still be able to answer support on behalf of our EU team. Please contact support@nisaeurope.com for any order/ store enquiries.