Pre-order CRYMACHINA now!

With flesh shorn, in steel reborn.

We are very excited to announce that pre-orders for the upcoming action RPG CRYMACHINA are now live on our store!

Keep scrolling to see what's included in the Limited Edition, available to pre-order now on the NIS EU Online Store!

CRYMACHINA is coming to Nintendo Switch™, PS4™, PS5™ and PC (digital only) in autumn 2023!

The Limited Edition includes:

CRYMACHINA Deluxe Edition for PS4™, PS5™ or Nintendo Switch™

- "Eden Database" Art Book

- Hanamaru Original Soundtrack

- Memorial Art Print

- "To Battle" Acrylic Display

- Cloth Poster

- Collector's Box



About the game:

In a world where humans went extinct thousands of years ago, synthetic beings known as Deus ex Machina have been tasked to bring mankind back. Join three E.V.E, the recreated psyches of deceased humans instilled in synthetic bodies, as they seek their full-fledged humanity and explore Eden to discover the secrets hidden within.

Flashy, action-packed combat paired with in-depth weapon customisation creates a visually stunning RPG experience. Dark scenery and striking sci-fi visuals bring the world of CRYMACHINA to life.


For more information on CRYMACHINA, head to the Official Website!