Announcing The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered!

NIS America is excited to announce that The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered is coming early 2024 to Nintendo Switch™, PS4®, PS5®, and PC!

Take charge of your tale and join seven adventurers as they explore the mysterious land of Avalon while pursuing their own unique journeys!

Watch the announcement trailer, and stayed tuned to the official website for all the latest updates!

Pre-orders for both Limited Edition will go live on Friday the 29th of September @1PM CEST on the NIS EU Online Store!

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The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered Limited Edition

The Limited Edition includes:

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered Deluxe Edition (Nintendo Switch™, PS4®, or PS5®)

- "Chronicles of Avalon" 55+ Page Art Book

 - Masashi Hamauzu Original Soundtrack

 - "War of the Elementalists" 24" x 17" Cloth Poster

  - "Seekers of the Graal" Art Card Set (Set of 7)

  - Collector's Box


The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered Screenshot

 About the Game:

Discovered ten years ago, the island of Avalon is shrouded in mystery. It is said the continent was forged by the gods and elementals, and is home to many fabled treasures with immense powers. Numerous brave souls have attempted to venture and investigate the lands of Avalon. Will you be next?

 Follow the stories of seven upcoming heroes as they descend upon the untrodden lands to fulfill their unique desires. Each of them have their own individual skills and stories to tell. Manage battle formations and instruct specific combat roles to develop the upper hand in battle and seize victory, and utilise the ancient power of the elementals by forging contracts mid-battle to call down powerful skills. Take part in an epic journey unlike any other!